Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmastime on Crestwood II: The New Batch

Since Bethany's last post on our Christmas decorations, we've finished putting things up and decorating the tree. Enjoy!

Here's the outside of our house at night. You can see the Christmas tree in the big windows, and (electric) candles in a couple of the windows. (They're actually in every window there, but weak batteries = hard to see.)

Our porch and front window up close. Yay wreath and poinsettias!

Our Christmas tree -- now with ornaments!

Family room decorations:

Last but not least - Bethany and Jeff under the mistletoe (G-rated, of course):

Oh, and because I love video, here's a short "video tour" of our Christmas tree. Make sure you have the volume up if you want the accompanying soundtrack ("Deck the Halls" by Reliant K), and be sure to keep your eye out for all our favorite ornaments, including Baby Jeff in a nutshell, Bert and Ernie, Bethany's Texas boot, and the stockings Bethany's mom crossstiched for us.

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