Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Man's Poison: 1/9/08

First random links post of 2008!

Traffic in India -- And you thought Houston traffic was bad.

Medical myths -- Example: you don't really need to drink eight glasses of water a day.

And these guys vote for the Hall of Fame -- I'm glad Goose Gossage got in, at least. Hopefully Blyleven will follow.

The Dark Knight trailer remixed -- Now wouldn't you rather see THIS movie?

Indelible Grace -- Check out the sound clips for each of the five CDs they've put out. Some interesting reworking of old hymns.

Bizarre coincidence -- Now this is just strange.

Play NES games online -- This beats the emulators.

Is Ron Paul an Astros fan? -- He's sporting the rainbow gut here.

Want to feel old? -- Barney (the purple dinosaur) is now 20 years old. That means much of America's college-aged population has now known Barney their entire lives.

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