Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Disaster Movie of the Week: Not Worth Reviewing!

So, the Disaster Movie of the Week was Python, which was so awful that I actually threw the DVD away. I really can't think of anything good to say about it, so I'll just talk about something else instead while on my lunch break from work...

Orbit! He's a great topic of conversation in our house, and while he is a valued member of the family, he does make certain other members of the family sneeze because of allergy issues. He sheds a lot too... and since shaving him isn't an option, I decided to tackle the fur issue with a Christmas gift I got called the FURminator. It's this fancy brush that I've heard from lots of people helps cats and dogs not to shed as much (the box claims to reduce 90% of shedding). We also found this cat allergy reducing shampoo that we figured was worth a try.

So, last night we decided to tackle the cat and not only FURminate him, but also take a chance with the allergy shampoo. To my amazement, he really liked the FURminator. I started brushing him and he rolled over and started purring! It did seem to do a good job at getting loose hair off, and he seemed to enjoy it. He was good about the shampoo part too, but definitely was not purring by the end. Still, Jeff and I were impressed!

We'll see how it goes with the allergies...the real test will be when my dad comes to visit in April (he's really allergic to cats, but in the past hasn't had too much trouble with Orbit). Anyway, just thought I'd share...

Sorry for the letdown on the Disaster Movie of the Week, hopefully next week's will be better!!

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