Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who should I vote for?

Like a lot of Americans, I'm having trouble finding any one candidate I feel like I can really get behind in the upcoming Presidential election. A lot of websites offer quizzes that are supposed to help you figure out which candidate shares your views, but I keep getting different answers. says Fred Thompson shares a 72% similarity with my beliefs; Huckabee and McCain (69% each) are runners-up. tells me Mike Huckabee is my top candidate, with a score of 64 (is that out of 100?). He's followed by Tom Tancredo (who?) at 61 and John Cox (again, who?) at 59. says Mitt Romney is my best choice, but only at 67% out of 100. The next top choices are Stephen Colbert (!) at 64% and Ron Paul at 60%. After Romney, the next guy with a legitimate shot at a nomination is McCain, down at 51%. says I should vote for Huckabee (without any breakdown of why). says Dennis Kucinich is my man (64% match). Runners-up are Cox (62%), Huckabee (58%) and Bill Richardson (53%).

ItsMyCandidate, a Facebook application, says John Edwards is my top match -- at 42.1%.

Summing all those up, it looks like Huckabee is probably my best bet -- except that, while I like a lot of his views, I don't know that he's qualified to be president. So, I'm right back at where I started -- still confused. Any suggestions?

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