Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Man's Poison: 2/8/08

Really? It's been a month since the last random links post?? Let's get to it!

IBBWJ -- Check out the first product on this page. IBBWJ stands for "Intentional Walk With Jesus." It's not often that you can advertise your love for Jesus and your love for baseball scorekeeping in one article of clothing.

Expelled: The Movie -- This intrigues me.

Check this kid out -- Impressive for any age, much less 11.

Baylor men's basketball -- Big spread on BU in Sports Illustrated last week. All kinds of good buzz around Baylor basketball right now, like this, this, this and this. How about that 5-OT win on the road against a ranked team?! Sic 'em, Bears!

Baylor's spring sports -- Just so you know it's not all basketball.

SuperFriends meets Friends -- I just can't quite bring myself to buy SuperFriends on DVD. When it comes to shows I watched growing up, I'd rather have The Monkees.

Clemens on steroids -- I can't believe it admitted to all this!

World Mandate -- Just a taste of our church's missions conference last month (also here). I can't wait for the CD.

1994 version of 24 -- I don't even watch the show, but this is good.

Flight of the Hamsters -- This is addictive.

New Boy Scout merit badge -- I might have actually had a chance at getting this one. I was the worst Boy Scout ever.

That's probably enough. Until next time!

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