Sunday, February 10, 2008

I finally got it

Tuesday morning, I was browsing the headlines when I saw that (with no rumors or other advance notice), Apple had announced the product I had been waiting months for -- a 16 gb iPhone. Not only was it announced, but it was already in stores!! (Which is nice, because I've had money from my last birthday and Christmas gifts in the bank for a long time now.)

I was able to make myself wait a few days before rushing right out, since 1) it was a busy week, 2) I wanted to let others find any major bugs, and 3) my mom was coming this weekend. But, 1) the week is over, 2) no major bugs have been reported, and 3) my mom left after lunch today. So, I now have my long-awaited iPhone.

(Bethany took this pic on her cell phone of me just after leaving the AT&T Store -- no Apple stores in Waco.)

It's going to take me awhile to get it all set up -- contacts, Internet bookmarks, etc. But so far, it's just as cool as I had hoped. The next thing is figuring out what sort of case to get for it, so if you've got any suggestions, let me know.

Thanks to everyone whose gifts went towards this new toy -- they are much appreciated!!