Monday, February 4, 2008

Disaster Movie of the Week: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake

This week's disaster movie was "The Great Los Angeles Earthquake," which I have to admit was a lot better than I expected for a made-for-TV movie. First off, it was three hours long, and the special effects were decent for having been a 1990 made-for-tv movie. The acting wasn't THAT bad and the characters were fairly believable.

One aspect in particular I did appreciate was that the aftermath looked very much like I would imagine it looking like. There were no sparkling clean, white lampshades or other debris in a pile of rubble (anyone who saw the Hurricane Andrew made-for-TV movie, would remember that). It all looked and happened pretty much as I would imagine it (admittedly not having ever been in an earthquake or lived anywhere near California).

The ending surprised Jeff and I to some extent, and if you see it, you are likely to guess why. They introduce you to a lot of characters and as far as I can tell, wrap them all up by the end, not necessarily in happy endings. In my opinion, this movie was worth my time and definitely worth the $3.75 (plus, it was bundled with Countdown: The Sky's On Fire- how can you go wrong with that?!).

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