Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Pulitzer Prize submissions - Summer 2008

It occurred to me that I've not yet linked to anything I've written since starting at Baylor Magazine last summer. (It's been almost a year already!!) With the next issue hitting mailboxes this week, here are my two most recent feature contributions:
  • Concerning the Soul -- Baylor's Department of Spiritual Life provides students with opportunities for corporate worship and inspiration, small group Bible study and discipleship, and outlets for local and international missions.
  • First And Four-most -- Women's tennis ace Zuzana Zemenova is the first Big 12 athlete in any sport to be Player of the Year four times.
I do plenty of other editing and writing of small stuff, not to mention countless tweaking of news stories, but those are the main things I wrote from scratch. Since I haven't linked to any other previous stories, here ya go -- bonus Pulitzer submissions!
  • Growing Season -- A look at the Baylor campus past, present and future. This was the cover story, though it was as much "compiled by" as "written by." (Winter '08)
  • Anticipating What's Next -- A one-page sidebar to the "Growing Season" story. (Winter '08)
  • Big Change, Big Results -- An altered pitching motion turned walk-on Nick Cassavechia into an all-American. (Winter '08)
  • Family Matters -- Homecoming is just the beginning of Baylor's efforts to engage alumni. (Fall '07)
  • Ethics In Action -- Character development is key to preparing Baylor students to enter a culture of relativism and situational ethics. (Fall '07)
  • An International Flavor -- Student-athletes from abroad face unique pressures while searching for success in the classroom and on the court. (Fall '07)
  • True to the call -- A decade after its first graduating class and over a century after its namesake helped save Baylor University, George W. Truett Theological Seminary remains committed to preparing ministers and missionaries for worldwide Christian service. (Summer '07)
  • Putting Actions To Words -- Truett Seminary students don't just hear the Word-they do it. A one-page sidebar to "True to the call." (Summer '07)
  • Early Start Good For Baylor -- Track star named top Big 12 freshman after finishing high school in three years. (Summer '07)
I promise you that all these stories look much nicer in the printed magazine than they do online. If you're not getting Baylor Magazine, you can sign up to get it for free here (click on Subscribe near the top).

Happy reading!

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