Saturday, January 31, 2009

Introducing Fred E. Bear

We decided to go with a "bear" theme for the baby's room; it was both a gender-neutral thing that we could get started on before finding out the baby's gender, as well as a nod towards Baylor (Junior's future college of choice, of course).

We found the set of nursery decor (bedding, etc.) that we wanted awhile back, and we'd talked about wanting to find a giant stuffed bear to go with it. Today at Sam's, we found him. Introducing Fred E. Bear (here posing with Bethany for scale).

Also, a few of you have been asking for photos of the baby's room now that we've got the decor and the furniture mostly set up. We're not quite ready for that yet, but here's Fred with a sneak peek.


Jill said...

That is one huge bear!!

Jenn said...

seriously! It looks great though!!

Andrew said...

The Whiteheads give 3 thumbs up. Joel wants to play with that bear sometime...

Diane said...


Whatever you do DO NOT TICK OFF THE BEAR!!!

Seriously man, he can take you.