Thursday, April 30, 2009

When will BabyBear be born?

Amazingly, we are now less than 10 weeks away from BabyBear making his major league debut! The doctors say he's due June 23, but they also say that something like 80% of babies either come earlier or later than that. (Not too much later, though -- Bethany says the doctor will probably induce if he hasn't come by July 7.) We want to know what your guess is -- when will BabyBear be called up?

I can't promise any prizes, but go ahead and make your pick. Leave a comment on this post, or e-mail me which day you want and I'll put you down for that date. First one to request the date gets the date. You can only enter once. First come, first served. I'll post the list below as the picks come in. (hat tip to Jeff Reed for the rules)

To kick things off:

Sunday, June 14 -- Poppa E.
Monday, June 15 -- Melissa P.
Tuesday, June 16 -- Bethany
Wednesday, June 17 -- Mom B.
Thursday, June 18 -- Amy
Friday, June 19 -- Sarah K.
Saturday, June 20 -- Aunt Sue
Sunday, June 21 -- Jacob
Monday, June 22 -- Zan
Tuesday, June 23 -- the doctors
Wednesday, June 24 -- Sister Kim
Thursday, June 25 -- Momma E.
Friday, June 26 -- Sarah N.
Saturday, June 27 -- Jim H.
Sunday, June 28 -- Diane E.
Monday, June 29 -- Jill
Tuesday, June 30 -- Jennessa
Wednesday, July 1 -- Courtney H.
Thursday, July 2 -- Margie
Saturday, July 4 -- Jeff (I think fireworks on every b'day would be fun, but Bethany doesn't want him to be that late.)
Sunday, July 5 -- Kim S.

Now make your pick!


Jill said...

Sorry Bethany - but I'm picking June 29. Yours seems a touch optimistic, but I can't fault you for trying. :)

At what point would they induce you?

Kim said...

Jeff...fireworks every birthday is fantastic! So I vote for my birthday, July 5.

Jeff said...

Jill -- you're quick! Bethany had me add the note that she would probably be induced two weeks after the due date if he hasn't come yet, which would be July 7.

J. Critz said...

June 21. That's my birthday, so I'll give two cheers if it turns out to be the same!

Bethany said...

Jill, call me the ever present optimist :)

Sarah Nazarian said...

I vote for the 26th! Can't wait to bust out the airhorns and glitter posters! :)

Bethany said...

HA! That's great, Sarah! I think that mental picture is going to be my "focal point" before Ben comes :)

Sue Ellen said...

I'll take June 20. Just a hunch that Ben will choose a Saturday...

Linda said...

I pick June 17 because that's the first day I'm off contract from work.

Diane said...

I'll pick June 28th. From what I hear, most first babies like to arrive fashionably late. And June 28 sounds like a great b-day to me!

Auntie Diane-

Diane said...


You choice was my pick until I was visiting you guys last week and discovered that Ben's due date was NOT June 29th but June 23rd! Imagine my surprise and having had it wrong all these months. laugh.

A Fourth of July b-day would be awesome, but somehow I doubt Ben will want to sit it out on the bench that long. ;)

But he may surprise his Auntie yet.


Jenn said...

My vote is for 6:30.

oops... 6/30. ;)

I thought most firstborns are born a little late.... I was due 7/29 and was born 8/8.

Margie said...

My vote is July 2, 'cause that's the best birthday in the world!! :)

Carol said...

I pick June 25, because Bethany was two days late, and I like family traditions.
Carol E.

Jenn said...

Jeff, I think fireworks on Ben's birthday would be pretty darn cool too.:)

Amy said...

I'll take June 18th since it isn't taken yet, although my true bet is June 22 - one day early!

Nancy said...

I think I'll go for 21 June, Father's Day.