Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Will BabyBear Be Born II: Electric Boogaloo

Okay, we're gonna try this a different way... Now that we're into the final four weeks (Bethany hit 36 weeks yesterday), we're going to give you another chance to predict BabyBear's birthday. This time, you can pick any date you want; multiple people can pick the same date, if they want. We just want to see who actually can predict it.

To refresh: the doctors say he's due June 23, and that they will induce if he hasn't come by June 30. So feel free to pick any time between now and the end of June. As before, leave a comment on this post, or e-mail me which day you want. I'll update the list below as we go. (Oh, and for reference, here's the first version of the predictions.)

For starters:

Monday, June 15 -- Scott
Wednesday, June 17 -- Mom B.
Thursday, June 18 -- Kerry
Friday, June 19 -- Patrick
Saturday, June 20 -- Betsy
Sunday, June 21 -- Keith, Jacob, Kim S.S., Nancy
Monday, June 22
-- Jeff (this is if he has my DNA; I like to be just a little early), Zan, Amy
Tuesday, June 23 -- the doctors, Bethany, Sister Kim
Thursday, June 25 -- Momma E.
Friday, June 26 -- Allison
Monday, June 29 -- Jill
Tuesday, June 30 -- Jennessa
Sunday, July 5 -- Kim S.S.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your predictions!


Bethany said...

I'm hoping for the 16th or 17th, but I'm thinking the 23rd is more likely, so I'm going to guess that our little boy will be punctual and dependable (just like his daddy) and come on his actual due date. (FYI- I have no inside medical information on this, it's just a guess)

kimkitty81 said...

I'm with Bethany (and the doctors). My guess is June 23rd.

J. Critz said...

June 21st.

Linda said...

I'm going to stay with my original prediction, June 17. That would be a nice way to start my summer vacation.

Michael Jordan said...

I'll stick with the 29th! (By the way this is Jill, but our computer thinks I am Mike.)

Carol said...

I stand by my original prediction of June 25.

Kim said...

Sorry Bethany, but I am sticking with July 5. Fireworks on the eve of your birthday is a wonderful thing! I know, since the 5th is my birthday.

Betsy said...

I'll go with June 20th, just a little early.

Amy said...

While I am still hoping for the 18th for you, I am going to change my official prediction to the 22nd, as I originally thought (but it was taken). One day early seems so apropos.

Patrick C. said...


Kim said...

Duh! I feel like an idiot. I guess I didn't read your post very carefully. I now see that the doctors will induce after June 30th...making July 5th an impossible guess! I withdraw my guess, even if I still greatly appreciate the value of birthdays around July 4th. I'll be nice this time and go for a date before the due date. I'm guessing June 21st!

Kerry said...

I feel like the buddy will come on the 20th... but Thursday is my favorite day of the week, and I like the number 8... so put me down for Thursday, June 18th :)