Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First Father's day

We wondered whether it not we would have BabyBear here by now, and for a lot of reasons I am so glad we do. One of those is that I have already caught a glimpse of the fantastic father you are and will be to tiny BabyBear. Listing all the reasons why I know you'll be a great father would take too long, but just know that I'm cheering you on and BabyBear is one blessed little boy to have you as his dad.

Being a father can involve hard work (as you found last night), but you've not shied away from hard work before and I know you'll be great at it. I'm so thankful for you!

I love you so much more than could ever be said and wanted to be the first to wish you a happy father's day.


Bethany and BabyBear


Diane said...

Happy 1st Father's Day Jeff!

Jack and I also have no doubt that you are going to be a great dad.

Enjoy your special day.

Jack/Chris & Diane :)

Jeff said...

Thank you dear!!! It has been a good Father's Day. Bethany got me a Linus (from "Peanuts") bobblehead, and Ben got me a couple of Astros onesies that he can wear to cheer on the team. We all watched the Astros on TV together, and they won!

Linda said...

Happy first Father's Day Jeff! Ben is going to love having you for his dad.

Love ya, Mom