Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bethany & BabyBear: Week 38

Actually, it's week 38 1/2 by now (sorry it took us a bit to get around to taking a photo). Here she is -- the mother-to-be:

We had our last baby shower today (thanks to our awesome LifeGroup community); we've been very blessed. Other than the last couple of loads of new baby clothes that need to be washed, we're just about ready for BabyBear, whenever he might decide to come. (It's not too late to make your guess as to when that will be!)

When that time comes, Jeff will be posting updates on the blog via Twitter, so hopefully that will keep everyone informed. Thanks for sharing in this special time with us!

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Amy said...

Ok, so now your tummy is FINALLY looking like you might be ready to have a baby! Yay Ben!!! We can't wait to meet you little man!