Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BabyBear - Almost Two Weeks Old!

BabyBear is a day shy of two weeks old, but we had his two-week-old doctor visit today. Doctor says everything looks good. He went from 7 lb 2.3 oz at birth down to 6 lb 15.5 oz on day 5, and now he is up to 7 lb 10.1 oz -- a healthy growing boy! (He also grew a quarter of an inch in length - yee haw!) Here's a short video from while we were waiting for the doctor.

Yesterday, we were blessed to have a short photo session with Robert Rogers, Baylor's director of photography. We cannot thank you enough, Robbie! Click here for some of the photos he took; below is one of our favorites.


Linda said...

Precious photos!! will make wonderful family memories as he grows!!

Jenn said...

Such cute pics! I am a personal fan of #17. :)

I miss you guys!