Friday, July 17, 2009

The BabyBear Show! presents: Hiccups and You

Internet fans, it's important that you know that hiccups are no laughing matter. If you're like me, you suffer from hiccups at least once, and often multiple times, a day. On today's episode of "The BabyBear Show!" we take a look at this growing problem.

If you want to join me in fighting hiccups, donate today! Perhaps in our lifetime we can eliminate this incredibly annoying and frustrating activity.

[P.S. Sorry about the sound there. Apparently our audio engineer had his finger over the microphone or something. If you turn the volume all the way up, you can at least hear the important part -- my hiccups. The voiceover -- well, all I'll say is that narration is overrated. -BabyBear]

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Queen Diva said...

There is actually a miracle cure for hiccups. It's called Gripe Water. You can find it at Walgreen's for about $11.00 - absolutely worth EVERY penny! Get the Baby's Bliss brand - you don't have to refrigerate it.

You'll want to pay me you'll be so happy!