Thursday, July 2, 2009

And the contest winner is...

I suppose two weeks after BabyBear's birth is a good time to note the winner of our "When Will BabyBear Be Born?" contests (both the original and the sequel).

Interestingly, the same person who snagged June 17 in the original go-around also was the only person to pick that date when we opened up the guessing to let multiple people pick the same day. That person was ... [insert drum roll here] ... Mom B.! Congrats Mom B.!

Close-but-no-cigar honors go to Bethany and Amy, who picked the 16th and 18th in the original contest, and to Scott and Kerry, who picked the 15th and 18th in the second contest.

But the big winner is Bethany -- who got a healthy baby and an extra week of not being pregnant! Yay Bethany!!

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