Friday, July 17, 2009

Guess Who's One Month Old Today?

So it took a month, but at long last I, BabyBear, now have my own account here at Jeffany. And it's just in time -- because today's my one month birthday! Here's a photo of me celebrating the occasion with my good pal, Fred. E. Bear.

According to Mom and Dad's unofficial measurements using the bathroom scale, I now weight 9.5 pounds (up from 7 lb 10 oz two weeks ago). I haven't gotten much taller longer, though; my Whale Tummytime Mat says I'm 22 inches, just two inches more than when I was born.

Overall, it's been a good month. I'm getting really good at holding my head up (thanks to my patented exercise workouts). Mom and Dad keep swaddling me up tight at night to sleep, and while I really don't care for it at all, I guess I have to admit that I do sleep better when they do that. I'm pretty alert most of the day, and my eyes are starting to be able to focus on things, which is cool. All in all, I'm very happy here!

Here's to another good month coming up!

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