Monday, September 7, 2009

BabyBear's first baseball game!

We had a busy, but fun weekend in Houston; BabyBear did great on his first overnight trip! We got in Friday afternoon, and Grandma babysat while we went to the Astros game, where we met up with Tim and Jenn, friends of ours from Pennsylvania who now live in Galveston. The Astros won 7-0, so it was more fun for us than for them as Phillies fan, but we all had fun catching up, and BabyBear did great for Grandma.

Aunt Sue came over for lunch Saturday, and then we watched the first half of the Baylor-Wake Forest game (Sic 'em, Bears! Good road win!) on my laptop before again heading out to Minute Maid Park for another Astros game. We had previously planned to meet up with my freshman year roommate Alex and his family to watch the BU game, but Friday afternoon Alex was offered his company's Diamond Club seats for Saturday's Astros game, and we couldn't turn those down after our great experience there last time. We decided to take BabyBear this time for his first baseball game, and he was great!!! He mostly just sat and looked around, and he even slept through a couple of innings; I think he was happier at the park than he would have been at home.

I think it helped that we were in such amazing seats (thanks Alex!!!!) -- more room for us made it more comfortable for him, and there was a nicer restroom near by when he needed his diaper changed. We will all be spoiled for the next time we take him to a game; the view won't be nearly as good as this!

It was also good to see Alex and Amanda, and for BabyBear to meet them. Then to top it all off, the Astros won it in the bottom of the 9th, as Kaz Matsui drove in two with a bases-loaded, two-out single off Brad Lidge to give the Astros a 5-4 win. BabyBear's only cries of the night came when the crowd erupted and the fireworks went off celebrating the win:

He calmed down very quickly, though, and slept all the way home. A very nice first baseball outing for our little man!

Sunday, we went to church with Grandma, had lunch, then headed back to Waco. See more pics from the weekend in this photo gallery. It was a very fun weekend!

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jsgalv said...

Hey Jeff and Bethany!

Tim and I had a lot of fun at the game despite the Phils sad loss. We had a good time just being with you two. Sorry we missed your little one on Friday night. The pictures are so cute! Hope to see you again soon!

Blessings, Jenn