Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow, the big six months!!

Happy Six Month Birthday, BabyBear!!!!

The six month stats are in...BabyBear is 14 lbs, 14oz and 26" long.

Honestly, I'm a bit bummed. That means he's only grown .5" and lost an ounce compared to our unofficial FOUR month numbers. This puts him in the 10th percentile for weight and 30% for height. Thankfully the Dr. said he looked fine and wasn't bothered by this. I think she said he's also in the 40th percentile for head size. He's starting on solid foods, so hopefully that will help plump him up a little bit. It appears he definitely inherited his Daddy's metabolism, not his Mommy's, which is probably a good thing.

The good news is the Dr said he's doing great, very alert and strong. He's passing all his milestones nicely and will likely have a tooth showing sooner or later. Here are some other things the "little man" is up to:

- he's much better in his sitting capabilities. We still have to sit behind him, to catch him if he falls, but he's learned to balance pretty well.
- he much prefers standing to sitting...maybe we put him in the jumper too much...
- he loves to sing along in the car with whatever is playing (SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- he's sleeping much better at night, but is still taking short naps, which we're working on, but overall we're sleeping much better now than we were a month or so ago

He had his first taste of solid foods, yummy sweet potato! Stay tuned for more details on this in another post...

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