Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Garden! Blooms!!!!!!!!!!!!

God has been good to our garden this week!!! We had two days where it drizzled a bit and three cloudy days. The zucchini plant gave us a bloom that started opening on Easter, which was really neat. The pea vines also have five blooms and ONE PEA POD between them. To quote Grover, "Oh, I am so excited!!" Also, I discovered yesterday that three of my seedlings left in my seed starter tray are tomatoes! Hooray! So, providing nothing happens to these guys, I still might have tomatoes in my garden this year.

Many of the bush beans that I planted last week have sprouted and the rest are on their way. Both melons I planted the same day are sprouting as well! I'm so excited! For plants that were afterthoughts, they are certainly making up for lost time compared to the others!

Box 1:
Box 2:
Box 3:
You may notice that the Pea trellis has changed yet again (that's pea trellis #3, if you're keeping track). I wish I built it the way it is now from the beginning, but this is a learning process, so at least now I know for future reference.

Here are some other random shots for the week:

My pea pod and two blossoms...
Nest of Pea tendrils...
Our zucchini...
Close up of potential zucchini blossoms
Honeydew melon sprout:
Bush Beans:
Bell pepper:
Onions & Carrots:
Box 1 from the side:

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Jenn said...

I love that you quoted Grover. Yay for your garden!