Monday, April 25, 2011

LittleBear at the lake

After a long dry spell (much like the weather outside), we are now blogging like crazy -- too much going on to keep up with! We'll get to an Easter recap soon, but first we want to look back at the weekend before Easter, when my aunt and uncle graciously brought our whole family (the three of us, Aunt Sue and Uncle Vic, my mom, my sister, her husband, and their four kids) to a lakehouse on Lake LBJ for a weekend. (Thanks again, so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!)

We all enjoyed the time together with family. LittleBear loved playing with his cousins, particularly his oldest cousin Little J, who is 5 1/2; LittleBear followed him around much of the weekend, really looking up to him (both figuratively and literally) like an older brother. (Here's a video example.) That was so cute to see!!

One day, Aunt Sue and Uncle Vic rented a pontoon boat and sailed us around the lake for a few hours. At first, it seemed to lull LittleBear to sleep (check out the photos below for his "Weekend at Bernie's" impression), but after he woke up, he seemed to enjoy watching the water go by (see this movie for more).

The next day, the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt around the backyard. Each kid was looking for a particular sort of egg; LittleBear's were sports eggs, which was fun. He seemed to enjoy the hunt, and he definitely enjoyed what was inside the eggs (candy!) and has continued to play with the (now empty) eggs since we got home. (Here's a video of the hunt, and here's LittleBear opening his eggs.

Here are links to photos from the weekend:
Hope you enjoy the videos and photos even just a fraction of how much we enjoyed the weekend!!!!

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