Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meet LadyBear's Newest Friend...Bruiser!

LadyBear has a new friend...Bruiser the bear (for those who don't know, Bruiser is Baylor University's costumed mascot)!  A dear Aunt and Uncle gave her some money for Christmas and we thought this pillow pet might be a fun way to spend it.  I think she approves...

LadyBear, this is Bruiser the Bear.

"Oooh, I must get to know him!" (rolls over to him)

"OOOOH, he's fuzzy!!"

Nom nom nom..."he's tasty too!"

Happy Girl.  "Thank you, Aunt S. and Uncle V.!!!!!"

And just because I can't leave him out, LittleBear was inviting Orbit to a roaring game of CandyLand on the other side of the room.

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