Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guess Who's Four Years Old? LittleBear!!!!

Oh my goodness, I could hardly type that little baby boy is four years old.  *SIGH*  I'll tell you what though, he is an amazing little guy and my favorite four year old LittleBear ever.  He loves helping Mommy and just this afternoon at lunch told me that LadyBear is his most favorite person in the whole world (I melted...).  Like any and all of us, he's still learning about self-control, obedience and things like that, but he is such a sweet little guy and truly a great little guy to share my day with.

Happy birthday, LittleBear!!!

 The last few months, I've been asking him what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday and his answer was always the same...go back to tour the fire station.  At first he wanted to go back to our beloved #8 Fire Station, but then he decided he wanted to finish the tour that got cut short at the #1 station, so that's where we ended up.

It's hard to sum up our time there because we saw SO much in an hour!  The #1 Station is the biggest, newest station in town and was most impressive to see.  I lost count at exactly how many trucks/vehicles they had, but I think the list includes the pumper truck, hook & ladder truck, another ladder truck, a rescue squad truck, and a pickup with boat.  The firefighters showed us the ins and outs of each one and let the kids explore and ask any questions.  


One of the neatest parts of the tour was when they had a firefighter meet all the kids as they would normally see him.  Then he put on each piece of his gear, one at a time, until he was a fully dressed firefighter ready to fight a fire with no skin showing.  All the kids got to high five him and mom got her group shot of most of the kids together (thanks to several friends who were taking pictures!).

The firefighters were wonderful!!  We are so thankful we got to invade their station for an hour and learn so much about what their jobs are and how they do them.  We sang happy birthday with the firefighters, toured the station, got to explore all their trucks (they had so many!), see the lights, hear the sirens and see all the tools and equipment firefighters use to get their jobs done.  They even had dispatch call the station and wish LittleBear a happy birthday!  He loved it!   The kids were all given hats and some other fun fire safety related goodies and I think everyone really enjoyed their time there.

Even the younger ones seemed to be learning, despite the tour happening in the middle of nap-time.

We then came home and enjoyed an amazing cake/cupcakes made by a great friend.  It was a great day and we all had so much fun celebrating LittleBear!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to the Waco Fire Department for making my son's birthday extra special...again!!

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