Sunday, March 3, 2013

Does LittleBear Still Want to Be A FireFighter? Oh, Yes...

 Sheer wonder and amazement were on his face when he walked into the garage

Yes, LittleBear still wants to be a firefighter when he grows up and keeps telling me he wants another fire truck/station party for his birthday (fine with me!).  At any rate, the boy still loves all things related to firefighters (including his still-in-one-piece, cardboard fire station- totally worth the $5 we spent on it).

Our newest friend, thank you so much!!!

Recently, we had the blessing of an invitation to visit Waco's own Fire Station #1, which is the newest and largest station in the department.  It was huge!  There was a neat museum-type display at the front of the station with the Firefighter's Prayer on the wall and some gear that had been through some intense fires.  We also got to see a big board where they keep track of all the firefighters, stations and trucks around the city, their gym, rec rooms and (of course) the trucks.  They had (I think) five trucks, including the hook and ladder (which LittleBear had never seen up close), a pumper truck (like the one at the #8 station), another truck which we didn't really see, the Fire Chief's truck and a backup truck for the Fire Chief.

LittleBear loved seeing all the gear he has read about in his books, up close and personal!

Our wonderful guide, the Assistant Fire Chief, showed us around and started giving LittleBear an in-depth tour of each of the trucks.  He even got to try on the Asst. Chief's firefighters helmet (those are really heavy), a radio headset and try out the thermal imaging gun (Daddy really liked that part)!

While LittleBear and the Assistant Fire Chief were looking for the axe, the station ended up getting a call, so we had to cut it short and say goodbye, but we all enjoyed the visit nonetheless, especially LittleBear.  We are so thankful we got to visit!

off to go help someone!

Thank you so much to our friend, the Assistant Fire Chief for the invitation and tour and to all of the firefighters in the City of Waco for all you do.  Another special thank you goes out to Auntie who was with us this particular day and was responsible for all the picture taking.  Thank you for documenting the whole thing and for sharing this fun day with us, Auntie!  We love you!

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