Thursday, December 12, 2013

Twelve Symbols of Christmas: Christmas Trees!!

 I had all of these grand plans for Christmas related school and most of them have not come to fruition around here.  Worry you not, however, because we are doing our annual Twelve Symbols of Christmas fun and we started today talking about Christmas trees.  I have this free simple book about  Twelve Symbols of Christmas that I printed off a few years ago and we're going through it again this year.   I like it because we see all these symbols of Christmas, but often times do not know how they connect to why we celebrate this wonderful holiday...this little book helps us do that. 

We learned that Christmas trees are evergreens (aka always green), which helps us remember Jesus is always with us.  The color green represents new life, which we have through Christ.  As a line from one of my favorite Christmas books says it, "The tree that's green when others die, tell us Jesus came and why..." We also read The Pine Tree Parable, which I had checked out from the library, but is on my list to buy maybe another year. 

For fun, both kids did this no mess Christmas tree craft and I was amazed at how LadyBear did with the stickers.  I didn't even have to show her, she just knew how to get them off the paper and stuck on the trees.  LittleBear loved it too! (and yes, they are still in pjs...just keepin' it real, folks)

We also tried making these Christmas ornaments, which did not go over quite so well, but the beads were really tough for LadyBear and I don't think it was LittleBear's thing.  Still, they both gave it a valiant effort!

LittleBear does love using his scissors though, so after rest time (going on now), we'll give this craft a try.  Check the kids' twitter feed for pictures if it works out.  Here they are with their finished trees:

Speaking of Christmas trees...last week, LadyBear saw her first Christmas tree lit and up close in our living room.  It didn't have the ornaments on it, but she sure didn't care!!  To show our little lady's love of all things sparkly, here is a video.  For reference, she was super upset waking up from her nap because she is getting her first molar tooth and that's just not a fun experience.  Cheer up, LadyBear, here is the Christmas tree!!

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