Saturday, November 16, 2013

LittleBear's Upward Soccer Season 2013: Go Bumblebees!!!!

Warming up with Coach P!

LittleBear played his first season of soccer this fall and ended the season this past Saturday with his last game and an award ceremony.  He played with Upward soccer, which we found to be very organized and just right for our LittleBear.  We had an amazing coach, made some great friends and LittleBear is already looking forward to playing again next year.

LittleBear wore #7 and was one of five players for Team Bumblebees (all four and five year olds).   I tried to take video during the games, but it's hard to pick him out because everyone clustered around the ball.  So, here are some pictures instead...

Waiting for substitution time so he can go back in and play!
Run, LittleBear, run!!!

Kicking the ball!
Gotta stay hydrated (thanks to the spiffy water bottle he was given)!!!
Teachable moments...

 He is SO excited to get his first ever trophy at the awards ceremony!!!!!!!!!!

We happened to get to the church a few minutes early on the day of our last game and I snapped this video of coach P. coaching LittleBear how to be a better soccer player.  They were having a great time...both of them!

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