Saturday, December 14, 2013

Twelve Symbols of Christmas: Ornaments!

Yesterday, the kids and I talked about ornaments on our tree and why we hang them.  We learned that ornaments symbolize the blessings in our lives and just as ornaments are all different shapes and sizes, so are the blessings we receive from God. 

We each thought of a different blessing we had received from God, thanked Him for it and then made foam ornaments with stickers (we love stickers around here). 

After we were done making ornaments, we hung them on the tree and I talked them through each of their ornaments and what blessings I thought of when I looked at them.   LittleBear is pointing to the ornament I made for him this year, which has the shield of our local fire department in a small red picture frame.  This reminds us of the fun, fourth birthday party we had with our friends and family and how much we loved having LittleBear with us this year.

LadyBear is looking at the ornament I made for her this year reflecting her first birthday party.  I explained that she is a special blessing to me and when I see this ornament, I remember celebrating her first year with us.

The tricky part has been teaching her that the ornaments stay on the tree!  She's been doing much better than I expected with this though and still loves looking at the tree and all the things hanging on it. 

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