Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fun Times at Crestwood Oaks Academy

The blog has been a bit quiet lately, but don't think that because the blog has been quiet, the house has been too!  We have been busy learning and I just haven't been able to get myself together enough to post after each home school unit we've been doing. 

So, I'm going to show you some highlights :)

We kicked off "O is for Octopus" week with a trip to the donut shop (O shaped snacks!), which thrilled two kids (& Mommy) to no end!

Working with Cuisenaire Rods:
Here is LittleBear learning about why the ink an octopus squirts when they are in danger is helpful to them.  You really can't see through it!

Then we moved on to "W is for Water" and learned about solids, liquids and gases.  Our solid was an ice cube, our liquid was water and our gas was peppermint oil in my diffuser:

Then we moved on to "I is for Insects" and started an ant farm!

as of 2/4, it looked like this (and they are STILL going)!

We also released some ladybugs into our garden where we have the ladybug house (using this tutorial) we built during "N is for Nest" week:

You can click on these pictures to see them larger, if you wish...

We finished up "I is for Insects" and ran around flying like bumblebees to "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Korsakov:

This week (G is for Goat), we have been talking about farm animals and while I don't have any super fun games to share, I did want to give you a peek into how LittleBear is doing with his reading.  He's getting there!  The words on this sheet were mostly new to him and he did great with them!  Here he is figuring them out on his own with a little help from LadyBear:

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