Friday, March 20, 2015

Five In A Row: Harold and the Purple Crayon

This week we met another book we had never read before in Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Needless to say, I think LadyBear has a new favorite and LittleBear really enjoyed it too (as did Orbit, but that sort of goes without saying at this point).  It's about a little boy who imagines adventures he draws with a big purple crayon.

It was a fun week of reading and learning about colors.   A lot of people choose to talk about the moon this unit, but we're planning on another book soon that is more "moon-centric," so I am personally leaving our moon lessons for that week instead.

For Bible/Character building, we continued to talk about being content.  That's a hard one to learn and we had plenty of opportunities for it to come up this week in all of us!

LittleBear working away on his math, which he told his piano teacher this week is his favorite subject...

For Math, we did start Math-U-See Alpha and did a mixture of sheets each day from lessons 1-3, which were review of the previous level we just finished.  For Language Arts, each day we did Explode the Code Book 3 lesson 2 and for Handwriting, we continued each day with the Memoria Press Copybook 1.

 Four thumbs up for apple pie!!

I guess we sort of skipped Social Studies this week (oops, oh well).  We did decide to have a pie picnic like Harold in the book, only we didn't include nine kinds of pie...just a freshly baked apple pie.  Both kids (& Mom) heartily approved.  And since it was raining outside, we had our picnic at the dining room table :)

LadyBear pouring over the color wheel talking about what colors mixed with what other colors to make new colors... 
For Science, we talked about blending colors to get other colors and we did an experiment to see what would happen when we mixed red and blue.  We set up three jars of water with one jar having red water, one jar having blue water and the jar in the middle with clear water.  I put paper towels connecting the red and clear jars and the blue and clear jars.  We talked about what we thought might happen with the water...

 Forming our hypotheses...

 Let the experiment begin!

Several hours later, the kids and I were delighted to find the middle jar was a pleasant shade of purple.
 hooray it worked!

For Art, we got out our purple crayons and markers and drew our own stories like Harold.  LadyBear was far more into it than LittleBear was.

 LadyBear working on her purple story...

LittleBear also worked on a color-by-number picture that he thought was fun and turned out to be a rainbow with a sun.

We were blessed to see our own rainbow outside our window (hooray for when homeschool and the outside world work together)!  We were all pretty pumped about that.  

We love rainbows!

We also played lots of "I spy" and "Can you find this color?"  

It was another fun week!!  Definitely check this book out, if you haven't already.  I know Harold has lots of other adventures, but our library was out of those books, so we'll have to save those for another time.  In the meantime, here's what we did read:

Resources and printable sheets I used for Harold and the Purple Crayon can be found at:
My Five In A Row Pinterest Board

Go Along books we used for Harold and the Purple Crayon (* indicate the ones we especially liked):
*I Am An Artist by Pat Lowery Collins
* Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates
*Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch
*Mooncake by Frank Asch (LadyBear LOVES this one)
*The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf
*Sight A True Book by Patricia J. Murphy
*By the Light of the Moon by Sheridan Cain
* The Moon by Christine Taylor-Butler
*A World of Colors by Marie Houblon
*The Day the Crayons Quit
Draw Me A Star by Eric Carle (I liked this book except there is a rather anatomically correct picture of a naked man & woman (Eric Carle style) toward the beginning which I felt was unnecessary)

 Story disk time!!

This story didn't happen in any particular place, so I let LittleBear choose where he wanted to put the story disk.  He chose Idaho...

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