Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pausing from Five In A Row for A Week...

This past week, we departed from our Five In A Row curriculum and decided to spend the week learning about something of LittleBear's choosing.  He chose Basketball!  So we hit up our local libraries for all the books we could find on basketball.  Needless to say, we had a very happy LittleBear this week.

The biggest hit of a book this week was "Dino-Basketball," which I have to admit was very cleverly written.  We also learned about how basketball started as a sport, how it's played, and what the rules are.  We learned about Michael Jordan and what character qualities he had that helped him become a great basketball player and, of course, we played a lot of basketball, in addition to our usual bookwork (Math, Handwriting and Language Arts).

He shoots!

He scores!!  And the crowd (AKA Mommy & LadyBear) go wild!!!

LadyBear had fun being a cheerleader...

This week, we're going back to Five In A Row with one of my favorites!  Happy reading!

Go Along books we used for Basketball (* indicate the ones we especially liked):
*Dino-Basketball by Lisa Wheeler
*My Basketball Book by Gail Gibbons
*Let's Talk Basketball by Amanda Miller
*Basketball (A New True Book) by Bert Rosenthal
*On the Team Basketball by James Wyatt
*Cool Basketball Facts by Abby Czeskleba
*J is for Jump Shot: A Basketball Alphabet by Mike Ulmer
*Jump Ball: You Can Play Basketball by Nick Fauchald
*Basketball Rules, Tips, Strategy and Safety by Fred Ramen
*Basketball (Eyewitness Books) by John Hareas
*Hoop Genius by John Coy
*Dream Big by Deloris Jordan
*Salt in His Shoes by Deloris Jordan with Roslyn M. Jordan
Basketball Belles by Sue Macy
Basketball Skills: How to Play Like A Pro by Tom Robinson
Little Basketball by Brad Herzog
The Everything Kids Basketball Book by Bob Schaller
Dickie V's ABCs and 1-2-3s by Dick Vitale (*LadyBear LOVED this one because it had a button you could push and it would talk, but it was not my favorite and wasn't totally about basketball)

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