Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009 wrap-up

Better late than never, right? Christmas 2009 -- BabyBear's first Christmas! -- came in waves, as we celebrated separately with my mom, aunt and uncle in College Station (halfway for both of us); my sister's family in Austin; and then Bethany's family in Miami.

Lots of pictures and even some video to share, as is befitting the little one's first Christmas. First, pics from our family gathering at a mall in Aggieland, courtesy of Aunt Sue and Uncle Vic. Here's a good one of Aunt Sue and BabyBear:

A week later, we were in Austin to celebrate with BabyBear's Aunt Kim, Uncle Josh, and soon-to-be four cousins. No pics there (too busy having fun!); just a short video here.

Then it was off to Miami -- BabyBear's 1st plane rides! He did great coming and going, and really handled all the changes (being off schedule, in a new place, new bed, etc.) exceptionally well. (Unfortunately, things went downhill shortly after we got home, but this post isn't about that.)

Bethany's brother and sister-in-law were also able to come in all the way from Hawaii, so Grams and Gramps England had the whole family together for Christmas.

Among other activities, BabyBear actually went "swimming" for the first time. Really, he just put his feet in the water of Grams and Gramps' pool, but he can always tell people he went swimming on his first Christmas!

Lots more pics to share from our week there. Here are some videos to enjoy, too:
Hope y'all all had a good Christmas, too!

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