Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is it 2011 yet?

I'm not sure 2010 really agrees with our family :)

Last night we had a bit more excitement around the house. We live on the corner of a slightly busy road on the apex of a curve. Apparently a drunk driver wasn't paying attention and jumped the curve, sideswiped my favorite Red Oak, went through the yard and ended up at our tiniest pecan tree. Thankfully it stopped there, otherwise the car would have ended up in our backyard neighbor's kitchen.

I am SO thankful that the car didn't hit the house. Especially with how cold it has been here. I'm also very thankful that no one was seriously hurt. From what we understand the driver had minor injuries, but went to jail and not the hospital. From picking up the pieces, I can tell you it was a compact champagne colored Ford that no longer has a driver's side view mirror, driver's side window, windshield and is missing pieces of the driver's side wheel assembly.

As I picked up the pieces of the car today, I prayed for the driver and his family- I really struggle with having sympathy for drunk drivers in any way shape or form. Nothing good ever comes out of driving drunk and best case scenario is that nothing happens. So many lives have been ruined because of poor choices made by those who have had too much. However, I'm SOOOO thankful that he didn't hurt the house or anyone else.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. This could have been so much worse and when we bought the house, I knew something like this could happen. It's just another story in the chapter of 2010 :)

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Diane said...


What a blessing that no one was hurt. What a horror if the car had gone through one of the houses.

In my prayers for protection of all of you and your home, I'll be sure to specifically pray about that road and its drivers!