Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family Garden: Plants are Growing!

The garden this week has grown quite a bit! We had some severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning on Tuesday and I was concerned as to what the garden would look like the next day. The only damage was to my purple broccoli and my honeydew sprout. The purple broccoli looks like it was either shredded by hail or eaten by bet would be eaten by something. The honeydew sprout was snapped in half, so I will need to replant that from seed. I think I'll try putting it in one of the empty squares in Box #2, so it doesn't get shaded by the giant zucchini plant :)

Here's Box #1:
Box #2:
Box #3:
The zucchini looks like it might actually be growing a zucchini, so that's exciting. I've also got quite a few more peapods growing! It's definitely fun to go out there every day and see what's new :) Here are some shots from today:

Zucchini Flower!
Growing Zucchini?
Storm or bug?
Happy Broccoli plant
Carrots and Onions
Pepper plant

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