Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Garden: Harvests!!!

I apologize for these pictures...the sun was still setting when I had the chance to run outside and snap some pictures, therefore we have some new camera angles this week!

This week was special in that I got to reap my first harvest!! I got seven peas out of that pod and they were the yummiest peas I have ever eaten! Because of this I have officially declared the garden a success! Today, I picked four more peapods which contained 16 peas total and will dine on those peas tomorrow for lunch. YUM! The zucchini plant is working on another zucchini for me, which is great. I can't wait for that one so I can make some yummy baked goods :)

I lost my tomato plants again...I think from here on out I'm going to try planting the seeds directly in the ground instead of transplanting them. That leaves me with a few red onions, and four bell pepper plants in box #2- not a whole lot. I planted three more honeydew melon seeds in that box and two of those sprouted this week, so that's good. I may plant a few more tomato and pepper seeds in the boxes just to see if they grow, I've got plenty of seeds left...

I'm shooting the boxes from the opposite side to avoid shadows, so just know that the plants will be reversed from their usual location. Next week, I'll try to go back to the normal way and get some better pictures.

Box #1:
Box #2:
Box #3:
Here are some other things I saw as I walked around the garden today...

Happy Broccoli Plant:
Cantaloupe Melon Plant:
California Wonder Pepper:
Honeydew melon sprout:
Second harvest!!!!

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