Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Garden: Peas & Carrots

This week I've continued to harvest a few more veggies including one large zucchini and a handful of peas. One of the most exciting parts of garden life this week was pulling up some of the carrots! At the end of February, I planted 64 Little Finger (baby) carrot seeds and realized last night I was supposed to start harvesting them after 65 days, which was last week, if I'm counting my days correctly (I forgot to write down when I planted the carrot seeds). Anyway, I guessed that the carrots with the largest tops would probably be ready first, so I pulled a few. The first few were large and good sized, but the next few seemed a bit small still, so I left the others in the garden to grow a few more days. I realized after I picked them that I can dig down a bit and look at the tops of the carrots which will tell me whether or not they are ready to be picked. Good to know for next time. They are very cute, tasty and I will definitely be planting these again. I also harvested a pretty large zucchini, which is destined to become a cake sometime this week.
This Week's Harvest!

Just for kicks, I also planted some honeydew, tomato and bell pepper seeds directly in box #2 of the garden, just to see if they grow any better there. It's most likely too late, but I figured it was worth a try since I already had the seeds and the garden space. There are two honeydew melon sprouts up already!

Box #1
Box #2
Box #3

You can't see it, but the zucchini really does share it's box with a cantaloupe plant and 7 bush bean plants. Thankfully, they are still getting along well together. So that's the state of the garden this are a few shots I took:

California Wonder Bell Pepper:
Zucchini Buds (you can see the small Hoodoo muskmelon aka Cantaloupe plant in the background):
Climbing Peas (three different varieties from L to R: Tall Telephone, Wando, and Lincoln):
Honeydew Sprout:
Gi-normous Romanesco Italia Broccoli Plant:
Top View:
Bush Bean Plants through the Onions:
Pretty water droplet on a broccoli leaf:

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