Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Garden: Still Growing!

We had our first day of 100 degree weather this week (it's too early!!!) and that officially ended garden pea season around here. It was just about done anyway, but the pea vines just couldn't take the heat. I'll probably pull them this week.

The attack by the caterpillars on the broccoli has definitely slowed this week and I've been picking them off whenever I see them, which I think is helping. My tomato and pepper seeds have all sprouted and are growing and the melon plants are happily getting bigger as well. There are also flowers on my bush bean plants!

One issue I did see that concerns me is that it looks like the stalk to my zucchini plant might be rotting right where it comes out of the dirt. There are lots of flowers on the plant itself, so maybe this isn't a big deal, but I did see some pill beetles and ants coming out of the stalk at the base. Hopefully the plant will make it, there are lots of flowers on it!

Last week's growing zucchini was harvested this week and converted into a chocolate zucchini cake, which has been enjoyed by the family. I also got another handful of carrots, which leave a few left in the garden, but not many. Orbit has thoroughly enjoyed eating the carrot tops for me :)

Here are the boxes as of last night:

Box #1:
Box #2:
Box #3:
Here are some other random snapshots for you (because I KNOW you were curious):
Really tall beanstalk (it goes up to the tip of my finger):
Bush Bean flowers!
Recovering Broccoli plant:
Pepper plant:
Tomato seedling:
Honeydew plants:

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Sarah said...

Your garden looks great!!! I'm still waiting for mine to produce something besides leaves. :) Your chocolate zucchini cake sounds delish!