Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baylor Homecoming 2013!

We are getting caught up slowly, but surely! 

Baylor's Homecoming was earlier this month and is always something we look forward to.  We all went to the parade Saturday morning and then the boys attended the football game that evening.  While Mom and Dad would have liked to do more, this was about all we could ask of the kids without them being WAAAAAAY overtired (which trust me, is not at all worth it).

The parade was early on what started out to be a pretty chilly morning, but we had our usual tradition of a curbside picnic breakfast and met some wonderful friends next to us, including Teddy the very sweet Great Dane.  

We usually get to campus about an hour and half before the parade does to claim curbside seats, so we had some time to kill, which of course meant taking pictures of our adorable and somewhat cold kiddos.

 Then, the parade started!!  The flags, the cars, the band!   They were all right there!  The kids forgot about the cold and enjoyed the scenery in front of them.

Then, LadyBear spotted it...the Baylor Bear balloon, which doesn't look all that big in this picture, but trust me, it is HUGE!

"Woah, Mom!!!  What is that?!"

She did not take her eyes off of it and kept saying, "OOOOH!   OOOOH!"  It was very cute.

And then my camera stopped working... I. KNOW.    GRRRR!

There were lots of great floats, cars, etc. that came up next that I'd love to show you, but alas, they are all only etched in our memories.  If you're curious the Waco Tribune Herald has a photo gallery along with the fine photographers at Baylor.   The floats were all really good this year and we really did have some fun, family time!

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