Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monarchs Are Here!

The Monarchs now seem to have left after a couple weeks of visiting our backyard and we had just as much fun as ever watching for them every day.  It's so neat to see how they come in waves!  They particularly enjoy our white flowered bushes, although I did notice that LittleBear's butterfly garden was particularly popular as well, which thrilled him to no end. 

 Click on the Picture to enlarge...how many Monarchs can you spot?

We also had a few other butterfly visitors including a Red Admiral and a Black Swallowtail, which were neat to watch as well.  We love that the Monarchs come through our yard every year on their way to Mexico!!

 Nom Nom Nom...mmmm, nectar!

LadyBear really liked the white flowered bushes too!

 Yummy nectar!!!

We also had plenty of honeybees around and still do, though thankfully they seem to be friendly...

LittleBear watching his butterfly garden for Monarchs...

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