Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Treat Night 2013

This year for Family Treat Night at Baylor, we brought along Sam I Am and his signature Green Eggs and Ham for some fun meeting the Baylor students and seeing their dorms.  The kids' costumes went over well, though I would have liked to tweak LittleBear's a bit more.  Still, they were happy with them, which is the main thing.

As always, both kids really enjoyed it and LittleBear came away with WAY too much candy, which we are still deciding exactly how to handle that part of it, but it was tons of fun and there is already talk of going again next year (Someone wants to be Buzz Lightyear...we'll see).

 Hydration is important, especially as a fleece ham and a furry Sam with a turtleneck!

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