Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Times with Grams and Gramps!

This has been a very busy weekend for us here! Grams and Gramps came into town on Wednesday night and we spent the first few days just hanging out. We went to the zoo, which was a lot of fun! Here's a picture of Mommy and me at the zoo riding a stone horse!

Saturday morning, Grams, Mommy and I went to the Homecoming parade on campus at Baylor. We watched the parade with some friends Mommy hadn't seen in a while and had a great time! There were bands, floats, dancers, balloons and even one of the real Baylor Bears (couldn't tell if it was Joy or Lady)! I really enjoyed watching it from the comfyness of my own stroller.

I even got to wear a custom-made "Baby Bear" onesie that Daddy had made for me as a surprise to Mommy!

After the parade, Grams dropped Mommy off at the football stadium for the game with Daddy and Gramps. They were sad Baylor lost, but we couldn't have had a more perfect day weather-wise and everyone had a good time despite the game score.

After the game, we all came home and hung out together. Grams made one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite dinners, yum! It was a long, but fun day!

You can check out a photo gallery done by the folks at Baylor here.

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