Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween: BabyBear edition!!

Since Halloween last year was something of a disaster, we decided we would start over this year and just pretend last year never happened. (I had spent many months working on our costumes, but when the day arrived, it ended up being the sickest day of my pregnancy combined with the most stressful/emotional day I have ever had work-wise. I had been so excited about our costumes and I wore mine for all of about 45 minutes, then took a bath and went to bed. Jeff was a trooper and a good sport and handed out the gum while wearing his costume.)

So, we pretended none of that happened and started over this year. Check out our fun costumes!! We even have BabyBear this year to complete the family!

We parked on our porch with our bowl of gum for a couple of hours and handed it out when the trick-or-treaters came. Sadly, we had less than 15 total, and about a third of those were questionably too old for trick-or-treating. However, it was fun nonetheless! (Click here for more pics.)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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