Friday, October 21, 2011

Before Five in a Row: The ABC Bunny

And we're back! This week we read "The ABC Bunny" published in 1933 by Wanda Ga'g. LittleBear loved the book and asked me to "read this please" several times when I hadn't planned on it. (Side note, I have to say that we wouldn't have found many of these books that he's liked so much, so a big hooray goes out to Before Five In A Row).

Well, this week "schoolwise" was met with some highs and some lows. Some of the highs were as follows:
- He LOVED the youtube video of the book with the song.
- The Activity Card was fun, but we spread it out over two seems he didn't have the attention span for it all at once :)
- He did really well with putting the number symbol on the number word (got most of them himself the first time!).
- he also liked drawing on the bunny tracing pages

Some of the lows were as follows:
- He hated mommy playing the ABC Bunny song on the piano.
- He also lost interest in matching up the upper and lower case letters and the ABC scavenger hunt. Granted, it could have been the day and this is supposed to be an introduction to school type activities, so I'm not taking it too hard.
- This was just a really hard week attitude and obedience-wise which makes everything a challenge.

Here is what we had planned this week:

Day 1-
Read Book
Act out as many of the bunny's activities as you can

Day 2-
Read Book
Build A Bunny
Day 3-
Read Book
Bunny maze
Bunny tracing page
Order- Corinthians 14:40...Talk about order in God's creation. What did God do first? Second?

Day 4-
Read Book
Play ABC Bunny song from the book on the piano
Go visit bunnies at the feed store!

We didn't get a chance to do the Creation Poster/folder, but we at least attempted everything else. Hopefully next week will go better. We did do some other fun things like an alphabet puzzle my mom found for .70 at Michael's as well as some foam alphabet and number puzzles I found at the Dollar Tree. We also played "bunny ball" (which involves tossing the bunny back and forth down our long hallway) and made towers with our ABC Blocks.

LittleBear did NOT want his picture taken much this week, so the photo gallery looks a little sparse this week:
Week 4-The ABC Bunny

Inspiration, ideas and printables I used for The ABC Bunny can be found at:
Before Five In A Row manual
Homeschool Creations
Delightful Learning

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