Friday, October 28, 2011

Before Five In A Row: Caps For Sale

LittleBear really loved the illustrations in this book. He kept pointing out the church steeple and yelling "Bells!" (He LOVES hearing bells chime from the church in the neighborhood or Pat Neff Hall on Baylor campus.) He asked to "Read Please" multiple times every day, so I think we found another winner with this book!

Since last week was a bit tough and we didn't get to everything school-wise, I decided to incorporate more games and play-type activities this week, in the hopes that it would be more fun for LittleBear (& I). Here is what we had planned:

Day 1-
Read Book
Color Monkey Mask
Go over Monkey Colors
Balance pillows on our heads
In honor of Daddy's love of all things Monkees, we also watched this video, which LittleBear enjoyed clapping along to.

Day 2-
Read Book
Who's Hat Layer Book

Sing Five Little Monkeys
Introduce money (I made a money worksheet like the one from Delightful Learning)

Thumbprint tree using this tree

Day 4-
Read Book
Money Size Sequencing
Play Barrel of Monkeys

Our discussion of money on Day 2 was very brief and we didn't even end up using the sheet I made up because he just didn't seem interested...I'm ok with that. Everything else, he really seemed to enjoy and did multiple times. I really wanted to do a "monkey" themed snack, but LittleBear is allergic to bananas and peanut butter which seemed to be in all the monkey themed snacks I found so we just snacked on our usual items. LittleBear also played a lot with his alphabet and number puzzles while telling his monkey what the different letters and numbers were.

LittleBear seemed more comfortable with me taking pictures, so hopefully we've got a better photo gallery this week:
Week 5-Caps For Sale

Inspiration, ideas and printables I used for Caps For Sale can be found at:
Before Five In A Row manual
Delightful Learning
Homeschool Creations

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