Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treat Night with LittleBear

Usually we ignore Halloween in our house, but there is one exception...Baylor's Faculty/Staff Family Treat Night. The kids of faculty and staff get to walk through a dorm and interact with the students. We don't get to interact with the students very often and Mommy really likes to sew costumes, so we try to take the opportunity where we can! This year we went to Russell Hall, which happened to be the dorm Mommy lived in oh-so-many years ago as a freshman at Baylor. We even saw her old door! LittleBear tends to be on the shy side, but once he realized there were candy, cookies and even a popsicle involved, he became more bold. The students all loved him! So here he is...

Judge me by my size, do you?

And no, the costume isn't perfect, but literally the only time LittleBear would wear it was tonight, so Mommy had to guess on the proportions...she was off a bit on the ears :) It was still fun!

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