Monday, October 17, 2011

LittleBear at FLIPS Gymnastics

On Friday morning, LittleBear discovered FLIPS gymnastics for the first time...and LOVED it! They have an open gym once a month on Friday mornings where kids can come and play for an hour and a half for $3 or $5 (depending on their age). It was definitely worth it!

He was all over the place for the full time. I think his favorites were the short running trampoline, the balance beam and the pit filled with foam blocks. Needless to say, his nap that day was much longer than usual :) We will definitely try to go back next month!

Hula Hoop!
Monkeying around on the uneven bars:
They have parallel bars too!

Diving into the foam pit with trampoline floor:
Tossing foam:
Jumping on the Springy floor:
He loved this thing:
Running Trampoline!
Here's a short video of him on the running trampoline (sorry it's sideways!):

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Sarah said...

Davy has been going to a homeschool class at Flips and LOVING it!!! So fun that B is going too!