Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baylor Easter Egg Hunt: LadyBear's First!


Each year, one of the sororities at Baylor puts on an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of faculty and staff of the university.  It's a really popular event with the kids and always fun to involve our kids with something on Baylor's beautiful campus.    

It was a chillier day than it has been in past years, but LittleBear still found four eggs and LadyBear even got a couple (though she was most interested in eating her Easter basket). 

Afterwards, Momma tried to take some pictures of the kids, which resulted in LadyBear continually knocking LittleBear over backwards and LittleBear trying to teach LadyBear about plastic eggs and how the eggs themselves are not for eating.   Good times!!

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