Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guess Who's Six Months Old? LadyBear!!

 Six months old!! 

Ordinarily, this would mean she got to try her first solid food, however, our little lady decided to "go-big-or-go-home" with her first ever sickness being a case of Bronchitis that she is still feeling the affects from.   Of course, we had to take her to the ER to find this out because she was having a lot of problems breathing on a Sunday (what is it with six months olds and their first ER visits in our family?) when no one else was available to help.  Long story short, we're going to wait until she's totally better to start with solid food.  Maybe tomorrow night...

Smiling at Daddy :)

She weighs at least 16 lbs and is somewhere between 25.5" and 26" tall.  She has her well check on Monday, so we'll find out the "official" numbers then.  Being sick has made her lose her appetite and she's just now starting to get it back, so I'm sure she probably lost a little bit of weight this week.  We did not see her smiles for a week and we are so happy that our happy girl has come back!

Knock, knock...who's there...

Prior to getting sick, she had been napping well and sleeping better at night.  We even had two blissful nights of not waking up until morning!  She's sitting better on her own and I think is not far from sitting completely by herself, unsupported.  She still loves the doorway jumper and really likes the exersaucer she got from family for Christmas, especially when it is parked in front of our big picture window.

LadyBear likes to sing in the car (loudly...which then causes LittleBear to yell, "I can't hear the music!", which then causes Momma to think of a scene from a movie that always makes her and Daddy laugh where a guy is in the midst of a heated discussion between others yelling "Loud Noises!"...oh so funny and probably not translating well at all here...I'll get back to LadyBear).  Also, if she sees something she wants, she will make every effort to go get it.  She'll stretch, roll, twist, whatever is necessary.  If LittleBear sees what she is reaching for, he almost always runs to go get it for her, unprompted, followed by a "here's your toy"...such a sweet little boy I have!

Just for fun, here is our six month old LittleBear...  it is so fun, in looking at these two, I can definitely tell they are siblings, but they still look distinctly different.  Yes sir, proud Momma Bear...right here.

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