Friday, March 22, 2013

LadyBear and Solid Foods: BLW Style

LadyBear enjoying some freshly roasted broccoli

LadyBear has entered the exciting world of eating solid food and seems to be enjoying herself.   In fact, the few meals we've eaten where she was awake, but not given any food, she was decidedly unhappy.

 Mom, this banana is slippery!

As we did with LittleBear, we are introducing solid food in the manner outlined in the book Baby Led Weaning.   LadyBear still enjoys her milk (for sure), so this isn't "weaning" in the traditional American sense of reducing milk feeds, it is more so in the UK sense of "adding complementary foods."  Basically, we are not giving pureed or mushy foods, but rather regular food in suitably sized pieces that she can gnaw on, if she wants.  She picks up what she wants and puts it in her mouth on her own...and yes, it's very messy at first :)  She learns how to maneuver food in her mouth, chew, etc. and also becomes acquainted with foods in their normal form (as opposed to puree style) at an early age.  It worked really well with LittleBear, so there was not much question in my mind that we would do it again with LadyBear.  If you have more questions about it, feel free to visit this site or this one.

first taste of solid food

We are starting out slow and easy with what we give her.  So far, she's sampled rice cakes (a favorite), roasted broccoli (a close second), steamed carrots (not a fan), banana (she liked it), turkey lunchmeat (thoroughly enjoyed), cucumber (didn't seem to like), asparagus (not sure, but she kept going back to it), and cheddar cheese (didn't care for).  She seems to enjoy sitting at the table with us eating and LittleBear loves that she is eating now too.  In fact, the other day three out of four Browns ate all their broccoli, which is a new record in our house!
Our little LadyBear is growing up!

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