Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: November 3, 2011

Today, I am completely grateful for my family. I know, you are thinking I was already thankful for them on November 1st (& I was), but today I'm talking about my entire family. My wonderful mom, dad and brother and also my amazing in-laws who don't even feel like in-laws, but more like real family. I sincerely love them all and am so blessed to be not only a part of my God-assigned family, but also my Married family. Everyone gets along and enjoys each others's wonderful and I am super thankful for them all.

Sadly, I don't have a picture of everyone together, so it looks like we need to have a giant family reunion between both sides :)

Today, LittleBear and I read a book called My Thankful Heart by Sally Lloyd-Jones who has written a few of our favorite children's books. LittleBear enjoys pointing out all the things he knows in this book (ladybugs, pumpkins, apples, bumblebees, kitties, etc.) and I really like the message of the book :)

What are you thankful for today?

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