Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: November 5, 2011

Since this weekend was Baylor Homecoming, I didn't have an opportunity to even look at the computer until now :) But...that doesn't mean I haven't been thankful and thinking about it.
Yesterday as we celebrated BU Homecoming by going to the parade and the football game (albeit briefly), I couldn't help but be thankful for my four college years at Baylor University. I know not everyone has the same experience, but the four years I spent at Baylor really helped define who I am. I had the chance to move to a completely new state where I had never been before (Texas) and figure out who I really was. I gained self confidence, met some awesome friends, learned a ton not only about life, but also academically and fell in love with not only Baylor, but also my dear husband. I am so, so thankful that the Lord brought me here those 14 years ago!

So here are some shots from this weekend. Unfortunately, LittleBear wore himself out pretty early on and consequently acted like a really tired two year old most of the weekend, which meant that we didn't get very many great pictures and we only lasted 30 minutes at the football game, but I still tried to really enjoy the experience. Once the parade got started, he did really enjoy that and loved the cars, trucks, balloons, band, and all the people that came over and handed him candy or other goodies.

Yes, it was a wee bit chilly, but not bad!
Here they come!!!!
Bruiser the Bear riding a Segway...
The Baylor University Golden Wave Marching Band!!! (LittleBear's favorite)
President/Judge Ken Starr and his wife, Alice led a rousing Sic 'Em Bears right after this pic.
This balloon came right over top of us!!! It was HUGE!
Baylor has students from over 72 countries a representative of which looked to be carrying their home country's was cool!
This was LittleBear's second favorite...the biggest truck he has seen that close. The best part was he waved to the driver who saw him and then honked the horn. It was LOUD!
Bye, Bye, Truck!
Thank you, Baylor for all the amazing memories!

Will you not, as a loyal student of dear old Baylor, lay aside for a few days the usual cares of life, come back to your alma mater, renew former associations and friendships, and catch that Baylor spirit again?”
- Samuel Palmer Brooks, President, 1909

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